'Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal aka Prince Oberyn Hates Spoilers As Much As You Do

How much do you hate spoilers? A lot, right? Especially Game of Thrones spoilers. Game of Thrones 's actors that wanted to chop off your limbs for spoiling the series feel exactly the same way. And, apparently, one of GoT's new stars, Pedro Pascal, hates spoilers as much as you do, too. The actor who plays the Dornish Prince Oberyn had the unfortunate experience of having them thrown in his face not too long ago when he auditioned for the part. And his reaction is both hilarious and strikingly in character for a man who, in the first minutes of meeting him, stabbed some guy for singing a song he didn't like.

Pascal revealed to the L.A. Times that his opportunity to audition for the role of the Dornish prince known as the Red Viper came after he was already a fan of the HBO series. And, needless to say, he was thrilled — until he got his hands on a script that was filled with spoilers. Now, let's clarify, Pascal has NOT read any of books in George R.R. Martin's extensive A Song of Ice and Fire series. (Oh, and he also has a lot of self-restraint and doesn't go on Wikipedia either.) So he, like many of us non-book snobs, was living in blissful ignorance regarding where the show was headed during Season 4. Until this opportunity fell into his hands — Pascal said of his spoiler-filled audition:

Is that not one of the best spoiler-reaction stories you've ever heard? I mean, when I run into a spoiler on the Internet — like when HBO kind-of, sort-of totally screwed up a few weeks ago — I want to throw things in my immediate vicinity across the room as well. See, even princes of Westeros, they're just like us! Pascal continued to explain his knee-jerk reaction to reading ahead of the TV show he was such a huge fan of:

Us too, Pascal, us too. The world just isn't fair sometimes — but, hey, at least you didn't take all of those spoilers to the face with no reward. Right?

Image: HBO