Bill Clinton Laughs Off Karl Rove's Implication That Hillary Has Brain Damage

Good ol' Bill showed the world Wednesday that it takes much more than an incendiary comment to throw off the Clintons: Bill Clinton laughed off Karl Rove's remarks on Hillary Clinton's health. During an annual fiscal summit, Bill noted he was "dumbfounded" by suggestions of Hillary having brain damage. True to fashion, Bill followed up with a lighthearted, not-so-subtle stab at Republican efforts to do "whatever it takes" to bring the former First Lady down.

Basically, Bill's saying, a jab at Hillary's health is a drop in the bucket. We're talking about the family that became the center of a political sex scandal; Karl Rove wanting to know "what's up" with Hillary when she wears glasses is just dirt off their shoulders. Still, Bill made clear that his wife's health is a serious matter, adding that she works out every week.

You said it, Bill.

Though Hillary hasn't officially confirmed a bid for the presidency, she's considered a frontrunner for the White House in 2016. Rove's comments alluding to brain damage referenced a December 2012 incident during which Hillary suffered a blood clot after falling. She was admitted for a three-day stay at a New York hospital.

Rove attempted to clear up his remarks in a Fox News interview Tuesday, explaining that he didn't say Hillary had brain damage, but that his point was that her health would be an issue in the presidential race "whether she likes it or not."

It's not the first incident in which he's made controversial comments, so this time around comes as no surprise. Rove's had a track record of taking things too far — speculating on candidates' sexuality, accusing people of pedophilia, and saying John McCain fathered a "love child."

Bill said attacks on Hillary are bound to happen, and it's nothing the Clintons aren't used to. "If it is, you can't be too upset about it. It's just the beginning," he said. "They'll get better and better at it."