Jimmy Fallon Makes Lance Bass Pretend to Be a Singing Fish & Whoa, Dude's Got Skills — VIDEO

People want the weirdest things on The Tonight Show. Some audience member was feeling nostalgic for a specific household item — that item being Big Mouth Billy Bass — and requested via the Suggestion Box that Jimmy Fallon recreate it somehow. Fallon, the creative man that he is, wasn't just going to dig up some old, obnoxious singing fish, so instead, he recruited Lance Bass to be Billy Bass because what better way to recreate one bass... than with another bass?

HELLO, nostalgia! Lance Bass is always a welcome surprise. Whenever he jumps back into the spotlight, I love it. Bass's Tonight Show reminds me of the warmth my heart felt when I saw Joey Fatone in Little Shop of Horrors and Rent on Broadway (yes — I saw both — judge away, please), except Seymour and Mark, respectively, are slightly more renowned roles than... the role of an inanimate fish replica. But what Bass has over Fatone now is that Bass's role is about to go viral. Take that, folks who thought Bass had zero cultural relevance! He's Big Mouth Lance Bass now!

A few critical things of note during Bass's, uh, fish performance:

  1. Damn — Bass sings while doing some pilates-esque moves. Dude's got abs!
  2. Why is he still dressing like he is in a boy band?
  3. Oh. That's how he sounds! I never really heard him sing in *NSYNC.


Image: NBC