Hashtag Swimwear is Trending

The hashtag has slowly but surely wormed its way off of the Internet and into our daily lexicon. Now, the popular slang term is coming to our wardrobes with J. Crew's line of custom hashtag swimwear.

Using the brand new Swim Finder feature at the J. Crew Swim shop, you can choose a monogrammable swim suit option and then call 1-800-562-0258 to place an order. Unfortunately for all you phone-phobes addicted to Seamless (guilty), the hashtag swimsuits can only be ordered by phone, using the above number (provided by StyleCaster). Seems a little backwards for something so obviously trying to be "internet," but whatever.

You can hashtag anything your little heart desires — as long as it's ten characters or less. The examples given on the J. Crew site are pretty lame: #OOOffice, #H8UWinter, and #WetNWild. But you can do a lot with 10 characters, after all, since you've practiced your short-and-sweet writing skills on Twitter. The hashtags appear pretty small on the bathing suits, so they're more akin to cheeky inside jokes than huge style statements.

Swim Finder, which launched this week, is "a brand new platform on which you can search for suits using a multitude of criteria, including color, size, and style all at once, to find exactly what you want in one fell swoop." J. Crew swimsuits are now more easily customized than ever before, even if you're not trying to jump on the tagged clothing trend.

So, what's your swimsuit hashtag of choice? The possibilities are endless.

Images: J. Crew