Jon Hamm Drops 'Mad Men' Secrets When Hilarious Amy Sedaris Forces Him To — VIDEO

There are some people in this world who just make you a little more confident that humanity can be really freaking cool. Two of those people are Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Amy Sedaris, who are very funny, sexy, and smart people whose seductive powers multiply when they're in the same room together, as they were Wednesday on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Though it's a notable bummer to us Strangers With Candy fans that Hamm seems to get the lion's share of the attention here — he's the one on the more zeitgeisty show, after all — the proceedings are still delightful. Hamm talks about the flesh-colored speedo things he's gotta wear during sex scenes, and about his 40-year-old manbody! Sedaris responds with adorable disgust! It's all the best!

Hamm and Sedaris also play a game that revolves entirely around throwing rapidfire questions at Hamm regarding Mad Men, which is legit because if I were near Hamm, all I'd do is try to pry Mad Men stories out of him, as well. As it happens, he mentions one of our favorite Mad Men tidbits, which is that Don Draper never hooked up with Christina Hendricks' Joan Holloway because he was just too damn terrified.

Another amazing thing: Sedaris resurrects Jerri Blank to play Peggy Olson opposite Hamm in a reenactment of the Peggy/Don scene in the legendary episode "The Suitcase." Is this real life? Is this fantasy? I feel more whole for having witnessed this.

I would like to request at this point that all y'all join hands and hope/pray/do whatever your denomination dictates for wishes that Hamm and Sedaris get to star in some thoroughly funny indie comedy together. Get on it, universe!

Image: Bravo