A Solution for Cuddling Dead Arm Syndrome

Whether it's with your one-night stand or a long-time, live-in partner, sleeping in the same bed as someone else can be awkward and uncomfortable — we're often left with jabbed sides, sore arms, and next-day exhaustion. But if your arm falls asleep when cuddling, have no fear: Portland designer Mehdi Mojtabavi has designed the perfect device for co-sleeping. It's called the "Cuddle Mattress," and it's finally gone into production.

The Cuddle Mattress is made of memory foam, with horizontal accordion-like strips at the head and foot. The strips flex apart so that stray elbows, feet, and hands can tuck into them. It may seem like just a minor convenience issue, but actually "honeymoon palsy" is a real thing. Otherwise known by its technical term, "radial neuropathy," this condition refers to compression of an important nerve in the arm that can cause various unpleasant symptoms such as hand, wrist, or arm tingling, numbness, or pain. One prime cause of honeymoon palsy, and the source of this slang term, is — you guessed it — sleeping with a partner in such a way that he or she squishes your arm.

So, since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, and sleep is critical to health, and sleeping improperly can even cause nerve damage, maybe it's worth investigating potentially high-impact sleep improvers like this one. As for me, I still think the best mattress is a separate mattress: my live-in boyfriend and I sleep in different beds, in different rooms, and I couldn't be happier. But if you're a committed though difficult co-sleeper, or your partner is, then maybe the Cuddle Mattress is for you. Order today at the Cuddle Mattress site, because they're selling like hotcakes and demand already vastly exceeds supply (it's surprisingly affordable, for a decent mattress). But don't expect your health insurance to cover the Cuddle Mattress as an orthopedic treatment just yet.

Image: Bustle Stock Photo