Celebrities Impersonating Celebrities is Scarily Accurate — VIDEO

So, we live to pick apart celebrities for every move that they make and for every Instagram picture they post, but most celebrities are also...actors. And what are actors phenomenal at? Uh, acting. Which often means "pretending to be other people," (I'm not going to limit this to strictly people, some actors play killer animals or inanimate objects). Further, that's probably why this video of the history of celebrities impersonating other celebrities is so good — because these actors can portray others actors to a T!

Of course, as the avid consumers of pop culture that we are, we're not strangers to celebrity impersonations — hell, that's part of the joy of watching Saturday Night Live and other sketch comedy shows. So naturally, some of these come from sketches or comedy routines (like Aubrey Plaza's on-point send up of Sarah Silverman from Plaza's days back at the Upright Citizens Brigade — classic!), but others are more candid and just as good.

Anyway, you'll love watching some of your favorite actors take on other actors — Matt Damon is an excellent Matthew McConaughey, for example — but it's also a pretty good reminder of just how good actors are at being chameleons.

It's a fun and funny video that's pretty enjoyable to watch, so check it out below.