Melissa McCarthy's Girl Crush, Her Drag Queen Dreams & More Things We Learned

From playing Sookie on Gilmore Girls to Megan in Bridesmaids and plenty of excellent roles in between (her bit part in Go, anyone?), Melissa McCarthy is by far one of Hollywood's funniest leading ladies. And, thankfully, Hollywood seems to finally have taken note, giving her a bevy of exciting roles: Tammy , which she co-wrote and stars in, hits theaters this July, and Paul Feig's Spy , in which she plays a James Bond-esque secret agent, is set to be released next spring. So, when an excellent LGBT news publication like The Advocate swoops in to discuss all this upcoming brouhaha with so excellent a lady, the results are bound to be, well, excellent. Below are just a few of the gems from McCarthy's recent Advocate interview, from drag queens to gay boyfriends to Lena Dunham and back again. Just try to get to the end without wailing "Why aren't we best friends, Melissa?!" I dare you.

1. She Dreams of Being a Drag Queen (and has the wig collection to prove it)

Asked, "Can gay men take credit for discovering you?" McCarthy answered:

And, given her so eminently fabulous, dear sweet Jesus 2011 photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly as Divine in John Waters' camp classic Pink Flamingos, I'd guess she'd do one helluva job.

2. She's dated a gay man or two in her time

You and me both, dude.

3. Her Bridesmaids character was inspired by a lesbian couple

Though Megan spends a good amount of screentime lusting after John the Air Marshal (AKA, McCarthy's IRL beau, Ben Falcone, co-writer and director of Tammy), the character was apparently inspired by two of the actress's friends from college:

4. Her Tammy co-star Susan Sarandon is a great kisser

Though Sarandon and McCarthy play grandmother and granddaughter in Tammy, the two did once have a more romantic encounter on an episode of McCarthy's sitcom, Mike & Molly — to which McCarthy revealed:

Maybe romantic tensions are becoming a trend of her lady co-stars? As she went on to confirm, albeit jokingly, re: female buddy-cop comedy The Heat:

5. But Her Real Girl Crush is on Lena Dunham

Asked point blank — as this is The Advocate, after all — if there are any women who currently "steam-heats her undercarriage," à la Megan, McCarthy spilled that she has a thing for Hannah Horvath:

Amen, Melissa. A-men.

Image: entertainmentweekly/Tumblr