Justin Bieber Sued for Alleged Subway Restaurant Scuffle, So What Went Down?

Justin Bieber's found himself in yet another legal pickle: According to TMZ, Bieber has been sued by a photographer who says he was attacked by the pop star's bodyguard back in Jan. And not just any night in Jan. It was the night Bieber was arrested in Miami. Eesh. Photographer Manuel Munoz is suing both Bieber and bodyguard Dwayne Patterson for unspecified damages. Munoz says he was snapping pics of the Bieb as he was leaving SET Nightclub, but Patterson was not having any of it. Munoz claims Patterson then went after him.

Munoz says Patterson chased him into a Subway, locked the door of the restaurant, and cornered him in the bathroom. Allegedly, he told Munoz to delete the photos from his camera and attempted to take the the memory card. According to Munoz, he succeeded (damaging the camera in the process), but didn't stop there: Munoz says Patterson punched and kicked him. Both Munoz and a customer called 911 during the altercation.

TMZ obtained Munoz's original police report, and found the following discrepancy: In the report, Munoz claims Patterson tripped him, but never says Patterson punched or kicked him. Another detail: Munoz allegedly offered to sell the pictures to Patterson for $10,000, but Patterson wouldn't go any higher than $5,000.

Eesh. Eesh eesh eesh.

Side note: I did not know 24-hour Subways were a thing until I read this story. Learning something new every day.