How Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Keep In Touch

Soon-to-be exes Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are showing how you do a divorce right! The couple, who are parents to 3-year-old Flynn, reportedly talk every day, and while that sounds like the kind of thing any Hollywood couple trying to put on a good face after a split would say, now the amicable divorcés have first-hand witnesses!

While at a swanky Sydney gala for Swarovski on Wednesday, Kerr received a FaceTime call from none other than Bloom himself, and she happily accepted the call, and, according to reporter Angela Bishop, she encouraged her tablemates to say hi as well!

Now THAT is one classy former couple. With all of the cheating, public fights, custody battles, mud slinging, and ill will toward new significant others that you see celebrity couples displaying, it's really refreshing to see two adults who have chosen to-- oh god am I actually about to use this phrase?-- consciously uncouple behaving like people who still love each other and care for each other's well-being, even though the relationship didn't work out.

ESPECIALLY when there is a child involved. Miranda and Orlando may not be Mr. and Mrs. Kerr-Bloom anymore, but to little Flynn, they are still mommy and daddy, and every child deserves to grow up with a good role model for what a healthy relationship looks like.

Good on you, Mirlando (a non-couple name I just made up for them)- keep up the good work!