Daniel Radcliffe Engagement Rumors Lead To An Awkward Text With His Old Teacher

Rumors began swirling recently that Daniel Radcliffe was engaged to his girlfriend of two years, fellow actor Erin Darke. When the story came out, it sounded suspicious — it was from Star magazine, it was claimed a Lake Michigan ceremony was planned, Rupert "Ron" Grint was said to be best man — but we figured we would never know the truth because Radcliffe isn't very public about his personal life. It turns out thought that those suspicions were founded. Daniel Radcliffe is not engaged and this time the story is coming straight from Radcliffe himself.

Radcliffe spoke with The Daily Beast about the engagement rumors saying,

No! Absolute bollocks. Absolute bollocks. I don’t think we can even give the Daily Mail credit for that one. It was Star, I believe. It was funny. I got a text from my English teacher saying, ‘Is it true? Congratulations!’ and I had to text her back, ‘I’m afraid not! We’re very happy, but we’re not getting married.’ Marriage is not a thought that is even remotely close to me at the moment.

Ya see? No engagement and no plans to head to Paris to look for the perfect ring. Yep, that was part of Star's report too.

The engagement isn't the only rumor Radcliffe dispelled. There has also been talk that the Harry Potter footage being used for Universal Studios theme park's latest ride, "Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts," would feature a brand new recording of Radcliffe, Grint, and Emma Watson. Radcliffe says this is untrue as well.

I know nothing about that. They may very well be using existing footage that we’d already filmed for the movies, but I have had no calls or involvement in that. A while ago they asked me to do more stuff for the theme park, and that was my moment to try and draw a line because that theme park is going to keep expanding, and keep going to more countries, and there’s going to come a point where I’m going to be 30 years old, and if I was still doing that then, that would be a huge problem. I wish them all the luck in the world and I genuinely think that what they did with the theme park in Florida is fantastic, and they really did a great job.

So there you have it, straight from Radcliffe himself. No wedding inexplicably taking place on The Great Lakes and no new Potter footage for an amusement park ride where the three characters just happen to be visibly older.