Sad About 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5 Finale? These 'TVD' Memes Feel Your Pain

So, we know: you're distraught about the Season 5 finale of The Vampire Diaries. Like, you're curled up in a ball and your computer is currently covered in tears and/or peanut butter (clean up your Macbook, girl!). But, fear not, fans of TVD — you are not alone. How could you be? It's the Internet, and fortunately for you, the Internet will never fail to help you express yourself adequately and find comfort in how others share your pain.

In fact, let's take a moment to give a big XOXO to the Internet. With creative folks coming up with memes and GIFS to express their current state of emotions, it's easy to suddenly feel a little better about your current state. You know you're not grieving alone when there are memes! Because if a picture is worth a thousand words — then a meme is worth a million, and a GIF is worth a billion.

And staying true to that spirit, we've got a couple of the best memes in response to the devastating finale — Damon and Bonnie are dead?!?! WTF?! Will they come back, and should they? (Still odd, since Ian Somerholder has a contract through Season 6, so his death might not "stick.") Anyway, these folks who made these memes are obviously also feeling the same array of feelings that you are — and hey, nothing like the warm embrace of the Internet for when your feels from the finale come back to — wait for it — bite you. Ahaah. I know.

Yeah. We feel ya. And this also feels appropriate:

And, because this is how the Internet feels:

See? Doesn't it feel good to indulge in your tears with the Internet? And don't worry — there's always Season 6 next year.

Image: The CW;Livememe; Twitter; Memegenerator; Giphy; Giphy; Giphy; Giphy