The Best 'Frozen' GIF Ever. Seriously.

So, you've seen pretty much every Frozen parody there is, right? But let's forget about the videos for a second, and focus on the GIFs. Because now, the Internet has GIFted you (aaah get it?) with the best Frozen GIF ever. Seriously. You may think this is hyperbole, but I kid you not: this is absolutely the Frozen GIF you were waiting for.

Because Frozen exists in a fantastical CGI world where snowmen can talk and dream of summer and wrists are smaller than eyes, we often don't pause to think about what would happen if Elsa took her powers into our non-CGI real world. Sure, we fantasize about when Frozen comes to Broadway (oh please, oh please! And please let Kristen Bell star as Anna!) and brings our new favorite Disney princesses to life, but we don't actually think about an Ice Princess taking over our cities because... well, why would we? We wouldn't. Because we have other things to do, like belt out "Let It Go" in our showers.

And on top of all of that, most Frozen GIFS are super warm and fuzzy with the "awww, sisters!" feeling or the empowered "let it go; I'm fierce, bitches" mentality, so this is a refreshing antidote to that.

But this needs no words. So now, the Internet gives you this:

The cold never bothered you anyway, right?

Image: Disney