Cher Horowitz Reacts To ‘Shape’ Magazine & Brooke Birmingham Controversy

Each week Bustle takes a much talked about current event and merges it with commentary from a popular face in entertainment. This week: Cher Horowitz reacts to the Shape magazine controversy. News recently came out about Shape magazine refusing to publish the photo of blogger Brooke Birmingham's extreme weight loss. Birmingham lost 172 pounds meaning that she now has some loose skin around her midsection. Birmingham was contacted by Shape to be featured as one of their success stories and sent in a photo of herself wearing a bikini — the classic "after photo" look. Birmingham was then told that she had to resubmit a photo of herself wearing a shirt or her story would be dropped. She refused.

Shocked, Birmingham took to her blog to write about the situation and gained the support of many people who were equally as surprised. The magazine does talk about weight loss, after all, and Birmingham was a great and realistic example of that. Shape has now decided to feature Birmingham (the magazine claims the rejection of her photo really came from a freelance writer) and editor-at-large Bahar Takhtehchian said on the Today show, "There’s a journey after the weight loss journey, and those are the questions and the issues that we want to talk to Brooke and the other ladies about."

For our first installment, there was an obvious choice as to who should react to Brooke Birmingham's experience with Shape: Clueless' Cher Horowitz. Whether in debate club or during her driver's ed test, Cher was confident in standing up for what she believes in. So with no further ado, here's Cher Horowitz's reaction to Shape.

Finding Out Brooke Would Be A "Success Story"

Obviously, in the future Cher reads Brooke's blog. We know she loves a makeover!

Reading That Brooke Was Asked To Send A New Photo

Agreeing With Brooke's Refusal

Finding Out Shape Claimed It Was Because Of A Freelance Writer

It was a possibility...

But Then That Means They're Still A Jerk!

Now What's Supposed To Happen?

This Is Injustice!

Yes! Preach!

Finding Out Brooke Was Asked To Be In the Magazine After All

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