Turns Out Kim Jong-Un's Executed Ex Isn't Dead

North Korean pop star Hyon Song-Wol, who also happens to be Kim Jong-Un's ex-girlfriend, is apparently alive, well, and singing the North Korean leader's praises on North Korean state television — in spite of having reportedly been, er, executed months ago. Her death by firing was squad in punishment for making and selling a sex tape, was reported by South Korean media in August of last year. Clearly, they were, um, mistaken.

Hyon Song Wol was reportedly seen on Friday on North Korean television, addressing a group of artists at a national art workers rally in Pyongyang. Apart from dutifully praising Kim Jong-Un, she also apparently promised to “stoke the flame for art and creative work,” whatever that means. A singer with the Unhasu Orchestra (whose songs include ”Footsteps of Soldiers,” “I Love Pyongyang,” “We are Troops of the Party”, “She is a Discharged Soldier”), she reportedly dated the leader for a while — until reports surfaced that she'd made a sex tape and things went terribly, terribly wrong.

Last August, South Korean media reported that the communist dictator had had his ex-lover (along with 11 other musicians) executed in front of their families by a firing squad, because the entertainers had been caught having made (and sold) a pornographic tape. On top of that, according to the reports, the victims’ relatives had then been found "guilty by association" and been shipped to prison camps.

At the time, North Korea had denied the reports, saying they were written by "psychopaths", but has until now found it (understandably) hard to convince skeptics. Still, as weird as this ghost-of-executed-girlfriends-past is, is it as weird as the mysteriously all-powerful Organization and Guidance Department? Or the making of a certain hairstyle mandatory for all? Yah, probably not.

Image: via Telegraph