Sum 41's Deryck Whibley Hospitalized — See Ex Avril Lavigne's Supportive Tweet

Remember the Sum 41 singer who also happened to be married to Avril Lavigne for a period of time? Deryck Whibley was in the hospital for alcoholism. However, he's opening up about the experience, and he's realized that it's time to quit drinking. He also has an important message for his fans: drink responsibly.

The turn of events brought him to open up about it on his web site, where he spoke candidly about what happened. In a post titled, "Rock Bottom," he wrote about how he had been drinking far too heavily, and unfortunately, on one night, after pouring himself a drink, he collapsed. His fiance brought him to the hospital, where he was out for a week. He woke up, strapped to IVs, and has come to terms with the fact that he can no longer drink, as one more drink could prove to be fatal. However, according to his own writing, it seems that this could be the series of events that needed to happen in order for him to move forward. He said in his post:

[..]Needless to say, it scared me straight. I finally realized I can’t drink anymore. If I have one drink the docs say I will die. I'm not preaching or anything but just always drink responsibly. I didn’t, and look where that got me. (I never thought I would ever say that! Haha.) Anyway I have my passion and inspiration back for writing music. I already have a few song ideas for new songs. Soon it will be time to start making an album and getting back to touring again.

And he's certainly not alone. Even his ex-wife Avril Lavigne has taken to Twitter with a message of strength for the singer:

It seems as though her message is definitely getting spread, with lots of retweets and favorites, and with #StayStrongDeryck starting to trend. Hopefully this will aid in Whibley's recovery, and spread the message to his fans how critical it is to drink responsibly.