Jennifer Lopez's Billboard Awards Performance With Pitbull Contradicted Her "I Luh Ya PaPi" Feminism — VIDEO

Sigh,'s not that we're mad. We're just disappointed. Jennifer Lopez popped onto the Billboard Music Awards stage tonight with Pitbull for the opening performance of "We Are One" all decked out in gold straps, and not much else. The two were joined on stage by Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte and an army of booty-shorts-rockin' dancers. The performance aimed to be a celebration of the upcoming World Cup, however, it came across like more of a celebration of D-cups.

What's really grating about the performance is that it is in direct contradiction of Lopez's video for her single "I Luh Ya PaPi" — which called out the ridiculous manner in which women are portrayed in the music industry. In the video, J-Lo rallies against women being used as props and men having all of the "fun." But sadly on the Billboard stage, J-Lo, Claudia Leitte, and the "cheerleaders" writhed around Pitbull and behaved in all of the ways Lopez was trying to criticize just a few weeks ago.

Everything from the costumes to the dance moves were almost an exact replication of Lopez's "parody." Considering she's being honored with a Icon award at this year's ceremony, it's a shame to see her go back on her newfound feminist direction. Perhaps she will redeem herself a bit more during her acceptance speech. Here's hoping.