Lea Michele's "On My Way" Video Gives Her a New On-Screen Love Interest & It's Awesome — VIDEO

If there's anyone who has what it takes to turn her Glee career into a mainstream singing career, it's... well, Mercedes Jones, but Rachel Berry is a close second. Lea Michele's off-screen pipes have made her on-screen character the source of much controversy. The amount of focus that Glee puts on Rachel Berry always has people arguing over whether Rachel, and thus Lea, is talented enough to deserve every second of it or if there are more talented members of the glee club who deserve to get center stage. What side of the argument you're on doesn't really matter, because if there's one thing Lea Michele's "On the Way" music video proves, it's that she's every bit as talented as Rachel Berry if not more so.

The video initially caught some criticism in its filming stage for having Michele interact with an onscreen love interest for the first time since the death of her off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith. There were even rumors that Michele was hooking up with her "On My Way" beau, proving that people will look for any reason to paint a negative picture of women in the industry. After all, even if Michele had been seeing her male love interest — which she wasn't — is that anything to crucify her over?

Michele debuted the music video Monday morning while also promoting her upcoming book Brunette Ambition, which hits stores on Tuesday, May 20. The video features Michele on a summer road trip with a boyfriend with which she has amazing chemistry. The two cycle through playful, flirtatious scene after playful, flirtatious scene, rolling around in a hotel bed, Michele jumping into his arms by a ONE WAY sign, laughing and getting close over dinner at a restaurant. All the while, Michele is singing and gyrating along to her lyrics which detail her affair with a lover she just can't stay away from.

Michele uses the road trip imagery to great effect. For all her words question whether or not this is the right decision to be making, the fact that she's surrounded by friends and loved ones and having what looks to be the best time in the middle of nowhere makes it clear that this is one of those times where following your heart may just have the greatest results. Unlike "Cannonball", the song and the video are perfectly suited and you can tell that Michele had a great time filming it.

Is it strange to see Michele with a love interest when both she and Rachel Berry are still recovering from the loss of the love of their lives? Maybe a little. Should that overshadow Michele's entire career and keep people from watching what's actually a really fun video? Not so much. Michele is 27 years old and she's going to date again eventually. Is it too much to ask for that she not be vilified when she does?

Watch the video below.

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