J.Lo's New Memoir Better Be Juicy

By Kaitlin Reilly

Another celebrity is baring it all in a new memoir. Jennifer Lopez spoke to People about her new memoir True Love , and it sounds like the pop star and American Idol judge will be revealing a lot about her life within its pages. She told the magazine:

What's funny is, I didn't start off the project wanting to bare my soul in print... It started off as a diary of the year I went on tour … and when I was on the road, it became something else... I really surprised myself, and I realized, 'Oh my god, I'm writing this book.' I did a lot of soul searching and praying, because I don't ever want it to be mistaken for anything other than it was, which is sharing something I learned with people I could help.

Proceeds from her book will go towards the Lopez Family foundation, which aims to improve the well-being of children and mothers. That's not the only reason why I'll purchase Lopez's new book, though — the truth is, there are some things about J. Lo that I simply must find out. If she's diving in deep to her past, then it's about time that we learn the answers to these questions. Here's what I hope Jenny from the block discusses in her tell-all memoir.

Why, oh why, she chose to do the film Gigli.

Whether she thinks ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck will make a good Batman.

Where she got the magic potion that caused her to age in reverse.

What it was like to date P. Diddy sixty names ago.

Whether or not she's really feuding with Mariah Carey.

Whether she regrets that green Versace jumpsuit...

...or doing The Back-Up Plan

Whether she knows that "I luh ya papi" misspells the words "love" and "you"

J.Lo's new book hits shelves October 28, 2014. Give us what we want, J. Lo!

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