Even Her Prom Dress Was The Coolest

You probably already think Gwen Stefani is cooler than you, because, well she's Gwen Stefani. But what you might not know is that she's been cooler than you (and me) at least since she was 17. How can I be so certain, you ask? Because Gwen Stefani's prom dress was inspired by Grace Kelly in Rear Window .

Stefani posted a little throwback Thursday video on her Instagram account, including a pre-prom image of 17-year-old Gwen rocking a black-and-white dress sewn by her and her mother and paired with dainty little white gloves. Everything about this look is epic and timeless: the off-the-shoulder neckline, the full white skirt, the beachy blonde bob. Gwen is rocking a rare tan, minimal makeup. and very few accessories. Clearly, red lipstick and platinum blonde hair emerged as her signatures after she became an all-powerful songstress.

While most of us are busy mourning at that the fact that Jessica McClintock is no longer manufacturing gowns, Gwen is giggling smugly to herself because she basically just is the rockstar version of Grace Kelly. Even though I loved my prom dress at the time (a bead-encrusted Sue Wong, if you're asking), Gwen's #tbt photo has me wishing I'd gone a little more subtle with my look and paid homage to a favorite style icon. 23-year-old me might go for something more avant garde. Edie Sedgewick prom, perhaps?

Take a look at Gwen's Rear Window prom dress. If you're currently planning a prom look, you may find some inspiration. The rest of us will go on wishing we'd never indulged a torrid love affair with beaded tulle.

Image: gwenstefani/Instagram