Trailer For Ryan Gosling's 'Lost River' Tells Us A Lot About Him as a Writer & Director

Well, that was... interesting. Ryan Gosling is making his directorial debut with Lost River and it's absolutely nothing like The Notebook... or really any other film that he's previously starred in. Lost River is a fantasy neo-noir film that boasts surreal images, Christina Hendricks, and Matt Smith of Doctor Who, without his shirt on. (So, in addition to having been directed and written by Ryan Gosling, Lost River has a lot of things going for it.) A teaser trailer for Lost River has just been released and boy does it look weird. Maybe great weird, maybe weird-weird, but who knows? The film has been accepted by the Cannes Film Festival and is slated to play Tues., May 20, so we'll find out shortly if Gosling's film is well-received by audiences.

Since this is Gosling's first time as a writer/director, the film acts as a window into his soul — and that's one window I am more than happy to peep through. Gosling is a lot of things (among them, everyone's fantasy fictional boyfriend) but seeing his very first film is a way for fans to get a glimpse at what this dude is really about. Check out the images from the Lost River trailer as we interpret what they could mean for Gosling.

He really likes fire.

He especially likes bikes that are on fire.

And also, brooding.

He doesn't like people who are showoffs with their muscles.

As evidenced by the fact that Matt Smith takes off his shirt and screams, "Look at my muscles! Look at my muscles!" over and over and over.

But he does love muscle cars.

As if there weren't enough Holy Motors- esque vibes in this teaser.

He's really into the sunset.

And again, fire...

... and a touch more brooding.

So from this trailer, expect a movie about an angsty teen jealous of Matt Smith's muscles who goes around watching things that are on fire. That must be it.

Images: Warner Bros.