Brad Pitt Tosses Matthew McConaughey a Beer Because They're Both Just Celebrity Frat Boys — PHOTOS

It's ironic that something like this should happen so soon after the release of Seth Rogen and Zac Efron's Neighbors. What says quintessential frat boy like sharing a beer outside? When Brad Pitt threw Matthew McConaughey a beer from one balcony to another in New Orleans, he was proving to the world that you can take the celebrity out of college but you can't take college out of the celebrity. Or proving to the world that they shouldn't let a little thing like the gaping space between balconies stop them from being neighborly. Or, hey, both.

McConaughey was in New Orleans to film for The Amazing Race with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Pitt and his family own a home there. When a member of McConaughey's family pointed out Pitt standing on an adjacent balcony, the two stars greeted one another with waves and shouts across the void. Pitt then asked if McConaughey wanted a beer and went inside his home to get him one. McConaughey was then filmed drinking it after Pitt returned inside.

The only way the interaction could have gotten more frat-like is if Pitt had done some sort of fancy toss or if the beer had come in a bottle for McConaughey to pop the cap off of using nothing but the railing of the balcony. Sadly, those things were not to be. Of course, all of that is just the version of events that people could establish from reading lips over the sounds of screaming fans. And, sure, those methods might give us a pretty close approximation of the truth.

From the looks on their faces, however, there might have been more going on during that interlude than any of us realize.