Patton Oswalt's 'Funny or Die' Sketch Exposes Truth About Internet Trolls — VIDEO

Patton Oswalt's internet presence has always been a point of contention for tweet-mongers everywhere. Although he interacts with his fans and retweets a number of important social justice topics, he also tends to traffic in minor trolling. And even though his character on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is relatively harmless, his tweets occasionally carry vitriol behind the hashtags. So naturally, Patton staged a Funny or Die skit where he crashes the "Patton-Hater Meetup Group." He may be abrasive, but this skit is genius.

Most great comics have learned to laugh at themselves, and it seems that Patton has found it easiest to shake off his trolls by complimenting them in the skit. At the beginning of the skit, he expects the "Patton-Hater" group to be comprised of losers who live in their mother's basements, but finds a group of charitable veterans, businesspeople, families, and even an elderly woman. His assumptions are completely shattered, and ours should be too.

Although this skit was probably just a tiny add for the Webbys, which are tonight, it does point out something we've all assumed about internet trolls and abusers: they're anonymous, unsuccessful, and unhappy with their lives. As with other types of abuse, making these sorts of assumptions erases the probability that many trolls are average people who may do nice things, but enjoy saying nasty things from the comfort of their screens. So good work Patton and Funny or Die, you've made a point during an otherwise stupidly-funny commercial.