"Double Bubble Trouble" Is Dizzying

by Kenya Foy

If you've ever wondered what goes on in M.I.A.'s dreams, then her newly released, self-directed video for "Double Bubble Trouble" may offer a snapshot into the realms of her creative subconscious. I have no clue how the visuals relate to the song, but that shouldn't come as a surprise since this wouldn't be the first video from M.I.A. to leave us scratching our heads. The track comes from her latest album Matangi and is featured on that Captain Morgan White Rum commercial that I've yet to watch in its entirety, but remember solely because of this song. By contrast, the video for "Double" had no problem holding my attention, and its quirkiness makes me like the song even more.

The first minute of the video flies by so quickly, if you blink you'll miss an intro on how to make homemade weapons, a guy blowing smoke rings, kids playing soccer, M.I.A. rocking an insane grill, a close-up shot of a panting dog's mouth, a kid chilling on a couch beneath a wall full of knives and a bunch of other stuff I didn't quite catch even after rewinding it three or four times. Oh yeah, there are lots of toy guns.

So, I just tried watching again and I still didn't get it all. But what I did get is that M.I.A.'s videos officially have her crazy backstage demands beat by a long shot, and as confusing as watching "Double Bubble Trouble" is, that's not necessarily a bad thing. If the commercials featuring her songs looked anything like her videos, they'd probably capture the interest of a lot more viewers. Hmm... maybe that'll become a thing and artists will begin directing the commercials that feature their music. See how I just got off track? That's exactly what watching this video will do to your brain.

Check out "Double Bubble Trouble" below. You'll be dizzy, but that still won't stop you from watching it over and over again: