Jennifer Lawrence Met Justin Bieber So She Can Use The Story For A Talk Show Later

Jennifer Lawrence was at Cannes this weekend promoting her new Hunger Games film. Justin Bieber was at Cannes attending parties and rocking his new 'stache. Do you see where this is going yet? Are you trembling in fear? You should be 'cause they totally hooked up! Just kidding. Jennifer Lawrence met Justin Bieber. I just wanted to make the news less shocking by comparison. Now before you get all up in arms and start complaining about how Justin Bieber could meet your precious Jennifer Lawrence (Or vice versa. What up, Beliebers?), just know that this meeting was her decision and it was a valid one. Also, know that there are no pictures because J. Law was smart enough to know that they would break the Internet.

Both Lawrence and Bieber were at Vanity Fair and Armani's Cannes party when Lawrence spotted Bieber and exclaimed, "I want to meet Bieber!!" To some of you this may seem odd: Why meet Bieber? You'll just boost his ego even further by expressing your excitement. That's a good point, but on the other hand, you get to tell people you met Justin Bieber and talk about how funny it was. Without a doubt Bieber is going to say or do something ridiculous when you meet him especially if you're a young Oscar-winning actress. I'm with Lawrence on this one. Meeting Bieber was the right choice.

According to Vanity Fair, "Lawrence declined a photograph, saying she wanted Justin and herself to meet as real people. But we can confirm that they did indeed exchange pleasantries, and that the party was made all the better for it."

Jennifer Lawrence doesn't care about photos, Jennifer Lawrence cares about telling this story during a late night interview a year from now. As she should! Her story of attempting to dance was J. Lo was great. She truly knows how to use her fame to her advantage and gather silly stories about other celebs for later use. I'm sure Bieber either hit on her or told her she had swag or asked if she brought any crack. It's just what he does.

Man, that picture would've been great though. I like to imagine it would involve finger guns from both parties.