Juan Pablo Won't Watch Andi's 'Bachelorette' Season, If Nikki Does, is That a Dealbreaker?

Andi Dorfman's Bachelorette journey begins tonight, but Juan Pablo said he will not be watching. The former Bachelor revealed on Twitter that he will not tune in to watch his former flame get her own chance at love. The move is pretty predictable. Most former Bachelor/Bachelorettes do tune in for future seasons and live tweet no less. But JP has rejected just about everything having to do with the Bachelor Family, so it's pretty understandable that he'd buck this tradition too. Although he did follow up his response by saying he'd "CALL Andi to get her VERSION" of her adventure, we have a hard time believing that's actually true. More likely that was just his way to get another dig in to the ABC editing team for supposedly doing a poor job putting his season together and portraying him in a negative light.

But with this refusal to watch Andi's season, we can't help but wonder if his girlfriend Nikki's friendship with the current Bachelorette will break JP and Nikki up. After all, Nikki and Andi are actual BFFs. The two have posted numerous sweet messages on Twitter to each other since the show's wrap and Nikki has even declared her intention to view this upcoming season saying, "I know we are about to watch the most beautiful, intelligent, and courageous woman embark on the journey of a lifetime."

So what is the Galavis/Ferrell couple planning to do on Monday nights for the duration of this season? Will Nikki skip watching to hang with her boyfriend or will she uphold her friendship and watch Andi? If she does watch will that bother Juan Pablo? And furthermore will they not even discuss the current season but rather act like it doesn't exist when talking to each other?

Nikki's friendship with Andi is unprecedented. Usually the winner of the show doesn't remain BFFs with another contestant who made it so close to the end. The only other time such a friendship happened it was between Jef Holm and runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr. and we all know how Jef and Emily Maynard's relationship ended up. (Hint: They broke up.)

Nikki and Juan Pablo started off on rocky enough ground as it was with the media firestorm and fan backlash. Can they survive while Nikki and Andi's friendship thrives? Well history is not on the show's winning relationship's side, but the friendships tend to last a long time. So if anything has to give, it will probably be Juan Pablo. We'll keep an eye on things to see if that ends up being the case.

Image: Twitter/Nikki Ferrell