Maks & Meryl Didn't Kiss On 'DWTS'' Finale And Twitter Is Pissed

If you know anything about this season of Dancing With The Stars, you know that the universe is willing Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis to just date already. They've teased us with their wildly intimate onstage embraces. They've charmed us with their goofy, little team dances. They've convinced that love can bloom on reality TV because every time they show up on television, it feels like we're watching a live reenactment of a romance novel. It would make all of us feel a little less creepy if Maks and Meryl would just kiss already, but unfortunately during Monday night's finale (part one) the duo did not kiss. And Twitter is pissed.

Naturally, fans were hoping that after watching the dancer and Olympic medalist edge closer and closer during all those video packages. We've heard them talk about how they couldn't be happier together. And on tonight's finale part one, Maks even said that this was the best year ever. Come on, these two are just torturing us. Even fellow Top 4 contestant Peeta Murgatroyd (Maks' ex) has said that she might end up dating her partner James Maslow -- would it be so hard for Maks to follow suit and tell us about his affections for Meryl? (You know, the ones we totally aren't making up in our heads?)

Apparently, it is just that hard. But hear this, Maks and Meryl, Twitter is very disappointed in you.

There were those with conspiracy theories:

And people who were about bit more straight forward:

But mostly, fans were just angry:

Maybe they're just saving that kiss for when they win tomorrow night? (You know, if they win tomorrow night.)

Images: ABC