Maks & Meryl Should Celebrate Winning 'DWTS' By Officially Dating, Because Duh

It's Dancing With The Stars' finale week, everyone! We've still got three hours of DWTS finale episodes left before we finally find out if Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are dating. Whoops, did I just say that? Obviously I meant we'll find out whether or not Meryl and Maks will win Season 18 of the ABC dance competition on Tuesday night — even though we all know that Maks and Meryl's insane chemistry already won everyone over. Right, guys?

As you can probably tell, I'm refusing to imagine a scenario where Maks and Meryl don't win DWTS Season 18. Because, well, that just won't happen. Okay, fine, it could happen — the remaining couples, obviously, are some of the best of the best that we saw this season. But would ABC really deny its viewers the sweet satisfaction of a DWTS win that can double as a declaration of love? Probably not — considering they love the drama and tried to get longtime BFFs Meryl and Charlie White to drink the haterade last week. They can't afford to drop the ball like that again — thus we're pretty confident that fan and 'shipper favorite will get the trophy and the perfect platform to announce their budding relationship come Tuesday night.

So how should Maks and Meryl celebrate their DWTS win? (Given that they actually do win — Derek and Amy could still come in and pull the rug right out from under them.) We've got a few ideas for how the happy couple can really take their moment to the next level:

Seal It With A Kiss

SWAK. How many times has this pair looked like they were going to smooch on live television? They actually have smooched — on the cheek — a few times already. So, how perfect would it be if, in their moment of surprise and triumph they emotionally kiss while being announced the winning pair of DWTS Season 18? I'll answer that for you: SO DAMN PERFECT.

Announce Their Engagement

I mean, Maks did propose to Meryl at first sight — it'd just be the perfect ending to their whirlwind season. Right? A trophy and an impending marriage — it's good to be Meryl and Maks.

Make A Kind Of Inappropriate, Sexually Charged Joke

If they're still not ready to come clean about their relationship, they could just go this route again. Sure, we'd all be frustrated about being kept waiting for the details about their obviously dreamy love. But I suppose a little sexually nuanced joke wouldn't hurt anyone. I mean, their faces give us all the information we need about what really goes on behind closed doors anyway.

An Adorable "Aw" Moment

It doesn't have to be over-the-top sexual and romantic. Maks and Meryl could just continue on the route they've taken all season and just share an intimate, G-rated, adorable moment. It wouldn't make us love them any less — but there is something adorable about them keeping their PDA at a respectful minimum.

And, well, there's nothing more adorable than a moment like this.

Do This Couple's Victory Dance

Nothing says "true love" like embarrassing yourself on live television with a kind-of-dorky but totally adorable couple's victory dance, right? And, judging by how ridiculous this dance is, Maks and Meryl are so beyond trying to look cool for one another.

I mean, c'mon.

Images: ABC, fuckyeahdaviswhite/Tumblr, maksimandmeryl/Tumblr (3), merylandmaks/Tumblr