Peter's 'GoT' Summary is Pure Gold — VIDEO

Game of Thrones in under a minute — impossible, right? Wrong. Peter Dinklage summarized GoT in 45 seconds and it was amazing. Not that we're surprised — Dinklage proved two weeks ago with his mind-blowing performance during Tyrion Lannister's trial scene that he's beyond capable of epic. But now, aside from a trial-by-combat victory, all I want is a Dinklage-created Honest Trailer for the HBO series. Because it might actually be better than the currently existing Honest Trailer for Game of Thrones .

There are only a three episodes left of GoT and apparently Cersei released Dinklage from his King's Landing dungeon to meet up with MTV. And the actor was met with a huge surprise — no, it wasn't The Mountain —the MTV correspondent conducting the interview had never seen a single episode of GoT. Hold on, what? So, naturally, he asked Dinklage to give him a run-down of three seasons' worth of action from the series. And the results were way too good and not even remotely spoiler-heavy — well, with the exception of the actor's reference to a certain incestuous brother and sister relationship.

So, if you loved GoT's Honest Trailer and if you're as obsessed with Peter Dinklage as I am, get ready for the best GoT summary you'll ever see. And if you don't love it, you're going to get "stabby, stabby, stabby"-ed by Needle. Seriously.

Watch it here:

Someone get this guy a YouTube page and have him do this for every GoT episode. ASAP.