That Big Preview Gave Everything Away

The newest season of The Bachelorette kicked off Monday night and with that came the return of Andi Dorfman, the limo arrivals, the first rose ceremony, and one very bummed telemarketer. It also meant we got to see the big preview of what's to come on this season and, as always, it involved a lot of tears from the bachelorette and her suitors alike. It also gave us a look at which men are going to make it far into the show because the preview includes footage of the cast's international trips. Silly Bachelorette, giving important information away in your previews! Don't you know we're just going to over-analyze them?

Judging by Andi Dorfman's statement of, "It's a fairytale for a reason, it doesn't happen" there's a chance she doesn't find love on the show. That, or she was just upset with someone who wasn't there for the right reasons. Or a secret girlfriend back home. I feel like that always happens. Point is, we don't know for sure what's going on there, but we do know that the following guys make it pretty far. (Again, this is based only on the preview. If Chris Bukowski comes back and wins Andi's heart, don't blame me for your misinformation.)


As we know, Eric passed away soon after he left the show, but it looks like he filmed quite a few episodes. In the preview, Eric is shown on a beach with Andi and hanging out with the pigeons in St. Mark's Square in Venice.

Nick V.

Nick "Neville Longbottom" V. is already the frontrunner after receiving the first impression rose and it looks like he makes it pretty far. He can be seen on more than one date with Andi in the clip and appears to get into an argument after saying, "She's my girl, so I'm not interested in your dates."


"When you have that feeling of not being the only one, it's a problem," Marquel the cookie guy says. Not only is this (hopefully) not something you would say in week two, he appears multiple times in the promo.


In the scene where Andi starts crying and lectures the guys about being there for the right reasons, Tasos comforts her.

Josh M.

Andi's already said that Josh M. is her type and in the preview he says, "She's emotionally spent." Yeah! You explain the obvious to everyone, Josh! Really, this just means he says around long enough for teary time.


She thinks Marcus is super hot and is shown making out with him on a European street in the clip. (Okay, I'm like 90 percent sure it's him.) Anyway, we all knew he was going to be there for a while.

Images: ABC