Kristen Bell Will Host The 2014 CMT Music Awards, So Prepare For A Night of Epicness

Well, we'll be getting more of this amazing actress who is essentially a human ray of sunshine! Kristen Bell will host the 2014 CMT Music Awards, so that means if you're the type to tune into the CMT Music Awards, then, lucky you. You'll be in for a night of K. Bell! Bell has actually co-hosted the event before; in 2012, she co-hosted alongside country singer Toby Keith, and last year, she hosted the event with Jason Aldean. However, this year, CMT proposed that the star fly solo. She said:

CMT proposed I host on my own this year, so I said, sure I'd give it a try.

Bell says she loves hosting the event because it's laid back and a good time, and what's more is that she's a big country music fan. She said that:

It's such a fun show that never takes itself too seriously [...] The musical performances are like seeing the best country concert lineup all in one venue.

In fact, she loves that she gets such a great view of the show, which includes some of her favorites like Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves.

So, the big question remains: will we get to hear some of Bell's gorgeous pipes on a country song when the event airs on June 4? Perhaps we'll get a country rendition of "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" Okay — maybe not that song (we're all a bit fatigued at this point, aren't we?), but hopefully something. The girl's got a gorgeous voice! Still, any opportunity to watch her sunshiny personality on screen is always welcome, so even Bell fans who aren't totally into the country scene may want to tune in to this one.