Kristen Bell Says She Knew 'Frozen' Was Special From the Beginning

Kristen Bell just might be one of the greatest people in Hollywood right now. Want a successful movie? Have this amazingly talented literal beam of human sunshine put her acting (and singing — OMG) chops on it. Can we talk about how she was in both Frozen and Veronica Mars? All in a year's work, seriously. But regarding our new favorite Disney movie, Kristen Bell says she knew Frozen was special from the start.

She said in an interview with Perez Hilton:

I had a feeling in my gut that this was a really special movie, but no one could foresee the box office success. It's unexplainable, I think. Being involved in this project over the years, it was always exciting to know that the creative team behind this movie was so committed to making a movie that was a little bit more modern, not about romantic love, and really identified this sort of battle between love and fear. I’m really proud of the lesson that it teaches.

YES. It must feel pretty amazing to be a part of a record-breaking movie that has a powerful message that it sends to kids, sisters, and women. And hey —men, also dig the movie! The animated musical surely stands alone with its script and score, but what really set the movie apart was, of course, those vocals. Kristen Bell was a perfect Anna; "For The First Time In Forever" is seriously underplayed compared to "Let It Go." Frozen was amazing, but it wouldn't have been what it is without this golden-voiced (and hair — so shiny, seriously) lady.

So while we're vying for her to jump to Broadway in a live adaptation of Frozen , she may also very well show up in a Veronica Mars spinoff if it happens. She said:

It’s not written yet, so I don’t know, but I believe so! There’s probably a good chance!

Any possibility of more Kristen Bell on the big or small screen is worthy of applause. Not only is she a dynamite actress, but she's always on point — whether she's calling out sexism (amen, sister!) or acting refreshingly human (bringing a burrito to the Oscars). Bottom line: the more Kristen Bell there is, the better. She definitely adds something to everything she's in, no matter good the material already is.

And since we're singing her praises, this feels very appropriate: