'A Million Ways to Die in the West' Gets a Kill-Happy Alan Jackson Lyric Music Video

Haven't you always wished to see a bunch of people get killed in spectacular fashion, set to an Alan Jackson song? Well look no further than here because Seth Macfarlane's commitment to his latest project, A Million Ways to Die in the West, has given us just that. And those myriad deaths — caused by bull and brawn and busted guts — are the central focus in Jackson's lyric video for the movie's title track, "A Million Ways to Die."

Giving us an even greater glimpse into the cameo-stuffed film of Macfarlane's dreams realized, Jackson's lyric video almost entirely focuses on the film's bloody ends — and there are a heck of a lot more ways to die than any trailer has previously let on. If you thought that A Million Ways to Die in the West was anything other than a comedic rumination on the absurdity of life and death and how it all goes down on the fringes of society, well, the video will put all that to rest.

And given that this is the Internet, each death's true impact is ratcheted up to its full potential thanks to the inclusion of previously edited-out bloodiness. There are deadly bulls and farts and flying trains (really), a bottle to the neck or two, and even killers coyotes. By the looks of Macfarlane's creative thinking, there may be a million more we've yet to see. Did somebody say sequel? Eh? Eh? (Of course somebody probably did! This is Hollywood we're talking about here.)

Image: Vevo