How Will 'Game of Thrones' Oberyn vs. Mountain Fight Stack Up Against These 5 TV Showdowns?

It was the declaration heard 'round the world (or, at least, 'round the laptops of those with HBOGo access): "I will be your champion." On Sunday's Game of Thrones, viewers dropped their jaws as Tyrion finally found the man who would fight to save his life, in the unlikely form of Prince Oberyn. There's no telling yet how the man known to book readers as "The Red Viper" will fare when up against The Mountain, that enormous, ruthless monster of a man that Cersei has fighting for the prosecution. One thing's for certain, though: whoever wins that battle, it's going to be epic.

As good as spontaneous TV fights are, there's something particularly enjoyable about watching a showdown between characters that's been planned for weeks. You've picked a side, you've popped the popcorn, and you're ready to cheer (or cringe) at the sign of the first punch. The fight becomes an event, albeit one that makes you question whether you should really be getting this much entertainment out of watching two people attempt to tear each other to pieces (answer: you should not). As we count down the days until The Mountain and The Red Viper begin their battle, let's reminisce at five other great pre-planned TV showdowns:

1. Pete vs. Lane on Mad Men

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The actual fight may have been relatively spontaneous, but Pete Campbell getting the shit kicked out of him was a long time coming. It would've been enjoyable to watch any of the SDCP employees give the worm what he deserved, but having the competitor be Lane, a man constantly trying to prove his worth, made it all even better. The two had come to blows after Pete had hurled insults at Lane for messing up an account, and Lane had responded by calling his co-worker "a grimy little pimp." As the fight turned physical, Roger summed it up best: "I know cooler heads should prevail," he said, "but am I the only one who wants to see this?" Not at all, Roger. Not at all.

2. Callie vs. Izzie on Grey's Anatomy


After weeks of both Grey's characters and viewers anticipating a showdown between Izzie and Callie after the former slept with the latter's husband, it finally happened — but, as Izzie learned all too late, it was meant to be with words, not fists. To be fair, the misunderstanding wasn't totally her fault; Callie had marched up to her demanding they meet in the middle of the cafeteria, where the entire hospital would be present, because apparently no one actually works at Seattle-Grace. Yet to both women's humiliation, it became clear early on that Callie had just called Izzie there to have a mature conversation, not to throw down. Callie's face as she realized Izzie had actually thought she'd wanted to fight her was heartbreaking to see.

3. Luke vs. Christopher on Gilmore Girls

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It was only a matter of time before Gilmore's Luke and Christopher came to blows, seeing as they'd spent the entire previous seven seasons pining for, getting, and losing the same woman. When it actually happened, it was more entertaining than dramatic; fighting in a Christmas Wonderland-themed park tends to do that. They banged into trees and rolled through piles of presents before eventually walking away in separate directions, having properly taken out all their pent-up anger (and all the decorations). Wonder who Taylor blamed for that one.

4. Piper vs. Pennsatucky on Orange is the New Black

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This showdown would've been a lot more exciting if we hadn't already known that Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky) would return next season, but even still, it was one hell of a fight. After thirteen episodes of threats, hints, and viewer anticipation, Piper and the psychopath finally had it out, with the help of their weapons: a screwdriver for Piper, a sharpened cross for Pennsatucky. It was brutal, bloody, and as tense as it gets, with the thought of our protagonist ending the season in a grave quickly becoming a real possibility. Yet it's Pennsatucky who fell, getting the beat-down she deserved from the one person who hated her more than anyone. What a nice, lighthearted way to end the season!

5. Ryan vs. Trey on The O.C.

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Over the course of The O.C.'s four seasons, Ryan Atwood threw a punch at practically every dude in Orange County, and then some. Of all the fights, however, none were quite as epic as his showdown with his brother, Trey, at the end of season two. Fans had been eagerly waiting for the moment when the Atwood siblings would finally fight it out, after a season in which Trey generally destroyed the lives of every person he came in contact with, including Marissa. The fight turned violent fast, culminating with Trey nearly choking Ryan to death — and, we all remember well, Marissa herself showing up to shoot Trey and save her boyfriend's life. "Hide and Seek" never sounded the same after that scene.

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