See Selena's Latest Cryptic Bikini Selfie

This celebrity appears to prefer her Instagram photos with a side of mystery. Selena Gomez has posted another cryptic Instagram photo, and while she looks gorgeous in the photo, it has me scratching my head to what exactly it means. Selena posted a photo of herself in a yellow bikini smiling on the beach. The photo itself is hardly surprising — bikini selfies are practically the reason why Instagram was invented, right? But that's not what is so weird about this photo. Selena's caption alongside this normal beach photo is a little... cryptic. Here's what she put as the caption to the photo:

Taking my power back.. can't wait to show you where I've been. I love y'all. Ps, I still obsess over pickles.

Uh, okay. That's cool. I mean, I have no idea what I'm supposed to take away from that, but you do you, sister. It's not like cryptic photos and captions are new to Selena's Instagram. Selena's Instagram account seems to always make headlines. She is the star who made headlines for unfollowing buddies like Taylor Swift and the Jenner sisters after all. Who knows — maybe keeping things mysterious on Instagram is just a part of her new persona.

We may never know why Selena posts these photos (hey, it's part of the mystery, right?) but we can take a look at her most cryptic posts. Here are the 7 posts that made her followers scratch their heads in confusion.

The most recent message...

Did I miss the part of Selena's backstory when she obsessed over pickles?

The "I'm Moving On" Message...

Basically every former child star's mantra.

The black-and-white selfie...


The "I-love-my-fans-but-maybe-in-a-scary-way" photo.

I get serious Lost vibes from the pic.

The inspirational regram...

Nice words. Now the only question is why they were so important at this time.

The "is she talking about her hair color?" pic

Is she? Her hair looks red here. (Maybe it's the filter.)

The "runaway" photo.

Ooooh, why you running, girl?!

Images: selenagomez/Instagram