When Will 'The Americans' Be Back?

FX's heart-pounding spy thriller The Americans airs its Season 2 finale this Wednesday, and as we say goodbye to our favorite husband/wife spy team, we have to wonder — will we see them again? The answer is pretty easy to swallow: FX officially renewed The Americans for Season 3 with 13-episodes in April. At the time of the renewal, Eric Schrier, President of Original Programming for FX, released the following statement:

The Americans continues be one of the best shows on television. Executive Producers Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields and Graham Yost have done a wonderful job delivering two seasons, and the performances from Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich are stellar. Fans will be blown away by the rest of this season, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.”

While we can all rejoice in the renewal, there's no word on when exactly the show will return. The first two seasons premiered in January of 2013 and 2014 and since neither Russell, Rhys, nor any of the other major players on the show have any other pressing acting commitments to work around, there's a good chance Season 3 will premiere in January 2015.

If you're not watching The Americans, you should be. It centers on the adventures of Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, two KGB officers who are married and living in 1980s America. There series has it all — murder, sex, intrigue, and delightfully terrible wigs. What's not to love?

While Season 1 didn't put much focus on the Jennings' kids, Paige and Henry, Season 2 saw the now teenage Paige growing suspicious of her parents (which she should be, considering most travel agents don't have to suddenly run out in the middle of the night to handle "travel emergencies," which are definitely a thing and not a lame excuse made up by desperate parents). But now, we're all looking to Season 3 and what it might bring.

So far, the series' producers, actors, and writers have been remarkably tight-lipped about what's to come, but Russell has revealed her favorite part of the show, saying she loves "the spy stuff, I love the way it raises the stakes and complicates the weird relationship, but I like the marriage stuff" — maybe we can look forward to more of that? You know, since it's the premise of the show and all.

As for Wednesday's Season 2 finale, the official FX synopsis describes "Echo" as, "No one is safe as Philip and Elizabeth evacuate their children while trying to complete the mission. Stan holds Nina's future in his hands."

Image: FX