Robert Pattinson Has Advice for Child Stars, Except for Justin Bieber, Because He's Okay

Young Hollywood stars and starlets, take heed from Edward Cullen. The Twilight star — fine, he's more than just a Twilight star — Robert Pattinson has some advice for child actors. After all, his upcoming movie Maps of Our Stars chronicles a young actor named Benjie, who is pretty entitled, so it's definitely made him think a little about being a young person in Hollywood.

His advice? Go to therapy, kids!

He said:

I think Benjie is probably the truest character. I've met a lot of kids like him. The scene with him and the little girls bitching about everybody — you just see that a lot [...] When you see these kids, there is only one way: you either get in therapy now or become a serial killer, or kill yourself. I mean, you can see it really early on — it's terrifying.

Scarily enough, it's pretty true to life that most young actors do end up going down a dangerous and dark path. Think of how many Disney actors have fallen victim to drugs and sex scandals. Too many. It's like the Disney curse.

Pattinson, however, thinks he avoided all of this not because of therapy, but because the Twilight phenomenon started when he was 21, which apparently is a much more discerning age.

Despite his waxing about kid stars needing to go to therapy, there is one very notorious pop star who rose to stardom at a young age (Justin Bieber, cough cough), about whom Pattinson didn't have anything truly terrible to say. In fact, he said:

I've met him before, though, on his party bus. [Laughs.] I've met him a couple of times. He's all right. [Laughs.]

Ahhh. To have been on that party bus. The mind boggles.