Bonus Tracks from Led Zeppelin's First 3 Albums Released & They're Pretty Darn Great

Jimmy Page took classic rock fans back to the glory days on Wednesday when he went all the way to The Olympian Theatre in Paris to release a slew of bonus tracks from the upcoming remastered versions of Led Zeppelin I , II , and III. The live event may have been in Paris, but Rolling Stone hosted a livestream that got the Led out around the world. Though the first, private listening party happened on May 13 in New York with a select group of journalists, today was the first day that we plebeian Zeppelin fans got a first taste, and not surprisingly, it was sweet.

Below is a list of all eight tracks included in the live event, which ranged from rough cuts of well-known hits to blues-inspired B sides. The beginning of the mix played to the location and audience: there were two live tracks from the never-before released recordings of a show at The Olympian. Although all of the "rough" cuts from Led Zeppelin II and III were a treat to hear, the last few tracks reminded the audience how much Robert, Jimmy, John Paul, and John loved and respected the blues.

Jimmy explained that the last track, "Keys to the Highway/Trouble in Mind" was an improv session intended as a B side of Led Zeppelin III, as a companion to "Hats Off to Harper" and celebration of acoustic blues music history. The remastered version is haunting, and will definitely be worth another listen when the collection is released in June.

Here are the bonus tracks released Wednesday:

1. "Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown" — Live At The Olympian2. "You Shook Me" — Live At The Olympian3. "Heartbreaker" — Led Zeppelin II rough mix with vocal4. "Whole Lotta Love" — Led Zeppelin II rough mix with vocal5. "Gallows Pole" — Led Zeppelin III rough mix6. "Since I've Been Loving You" — Led Zeppelin III rough mix of first recording7. "The Immigrant Song" — Led Zeppelin III rough mix8. "Keys to the Highway/Trouble in Mind" — Led Zeppelin III rough mix

Always a great day when more Led Zeppelin music is released.