Yet Another Reason to Love Jason Segel

by Aly Semigran

Just in case you needed another reason to be totally smitten with Jason Segel: he's now the co-author of a children's book. That's right, the same guy who was one half of one of television's all-time sweetest couples (Marshall of Marshmallow and Lilypad on How I Met Your Mother) and wonderfully brought our beloved Muppets back to the big screen has gone and done something totally adorable again.

And while a celebrity penning a book geared towards younger readers is nothing new (everyone from Billy Crystal to Julianne Moore has gotten in on the game), his reason for writing it is as inspired as the book itself. Segel told Entertainment Weekly that his upcoming novel Nightmares! —about a group of kids who literally try to defeat the fears — was inspired by the very nightmares that haunted him as a kid. He also cited movies like The Goonies as a driving force for the book (which he co-wrote with Kirsten Miller). So Jason Segel not only has awesome taste in pop culture, but he's also so in tune with kids that he can help them overcomer their own fears? Yeah, it's impossible not to love this guy.

Of course, this is hardly the first time the 34-year-old star done something that's made hearts flutter. In honor of Segel's upcoming book (which will be released on September 9), we've picked some of his most adorable moments, on and off-screen.

When Nick Tried To Woo Lindsay on Freaks and Geeks

Sure, a lot of people may cringe at this scene in which Segel's well-meaning, but trying-way-too-hard Nick serenades his girlfriend Lindsay (Linda Cardellini) with the cheesy Styx classic "Lady" but the moment is so endearing and honest and sweet, you just want to give him a big hug and tell him that someday he'll find a lady that loves this kind of thing.

Marshall's "Night Night" Song for Lily on How I Met Your Mother

... And that lady, kids, would be Lily Aldrin, of course! Segel's Marshall Eriksen did about ten trillion adorable things for his friends and his wife over the course of nine seasons on How I Met Your Mother , but it's hard to top the "Nighty Night" song. It's a little lullaby that he composed for his wife when they had to spend a night apart so that she could still fall asleep without him by her side. In case that's not cute enough, he also came up with a lullaby for their son.

That Time He Gave His Phone Number Out During a Swell Season Concert

Yeah, there's gonna be a lot of singing on this list.

That Time He and Neil Patrick Harris Totally KILLED "Confrontation" From Les Mis


When He Introduced The Muppets to a New Generation and Reminded Us All That "Life's a Happy Song"

Jason Segel's passion project stirred something in all of us.

When Sydney and Peter Professed Their Dude Love to Each Other in I Love You, Man

Real-life pals Jason Segel and Paul Rudd already clearly love each other off-screen (among some other things they clearly seem to enjoy the company of) but their on-screen relationship is equally lovable.

When Peter Takes Rachel's Topless Picture Down For Her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Yes, his Dracula musical was beyond amazing, but the thing that made Segel's heartbroken Peter so lovable in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was when he risked life and limb to get a nude picture of his crush Rachel (Mila Kunis) taken down that she desperately wanted down. It was as sweet a gesture as any.

When the Adorable Space Time Contiuum Collapses In On Itself When He and Fellow Adorable Person John Krasinski Sang Together at Karaoke

If Jason ever participates in "Lip Sync Karaoke," the adorable gauntlet will be thrown.

Image: OhYeahJasonSegel.tumblr.com