'Idol's Harry Connick Jr. Danced Like Everyone's Dad During the Finale

Oh, Harry Connick Jr. He, the dreamy New Orleans crooner who married Jill Goodacre from the ATM vestibule. How American Idol would have suffered without Season 13's harshest critic. What would we have done without him? Without his honesty, without his tight-fitting Henleys, without his knowledge that people actually tune into American Idol to be entertained, god dammit. Holy beignets, was the man's American Idol Season 13 MVP. Which is why it was such a joy to see that we have yet another reason to fall in love with the man. And that reason? Harry Connick Jr., father of three girls, totally dances like your dad.

Sure, he tried to hide it. During previous installments of American Idol, Connick Jr., tried to convince us his dance skills were more akin to Paul Rudd's goofy moves, but, while grooving during the second half of the reality series' finale, he showed his true colors. Yes, finalists Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene finally drove him to throw his hands in the air like he just doesn't care, and for once, maybe he doesn't — after all, this marks one of the few times the judge actually became animated during the course of Season 13. (Hey, producers want him back for Season 14 after all — what does it matter if he looks like someone you'd roll your eyes at at your Bat Mitzvah?) Judge in the front of the season, party in the back nine!

Take it away, Harry Connick Jr.!

Image: AmericanIdol/Tumblr