Hugh Jackman & Jimmy Fallon's Cooler Scooter Race Will Put You in the Memorial Day Spirit — VIDEO

Two things are coming very soon: Memorial Day Weekend and X-Men: Days of Future Past. So naturally, Jimmy Fallon sought to address both topics when Wolverine appeared on The Tonight Show. Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon had a cooler scooter race, which is exactly what it sounds like — a scooter race that takes place on scooters attached to beer coolers. Hello, new transportation method.

Now, needless to say, Jackman is Australian, but hey — the two seem to have a blast zipping through NBC's studios, scooting past American Memorial Day tropes, such as your classic Mem Day BBQ. And, of course, they're drinking beer through some nifty beer-hats. The beer seems to be either PBR or Pork Slap, or something of the canned variety, but no matter — it's beer, it's scooters, it's Hugh Jackman.

This sketch is just further proof that The Tonight Show is turning into a celebrity playground. While each bit that surfaces on the Internet is more shareable than the next, you gotta wonder if Fallon and his team of writers will exhaust their list of games for celebrities to play. All that aside, I must give his team credit for nixing the stereotypical late night interview format. Besides, Fallon is a pretty excellent host.

Check it out! But remember: it's probably not the wisest idea to drink and scoot.

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