Does 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Find Love? She Dishes on Her 25 Guys & It's Not Looking Good

I know we're all wondering the same thing — will Andi Dorfman find that "true love" she's looking for? It kind of seems like she won't. The Bachelorette Season 10 premiered on Monday night and Andi was really open-minded and hugging everyone in sight, but do any of those guys end up getting the final rose? On Thursday, the 26-year-old dished some dirt on the 25 lucky men competing for her love — and apparently, Andi would only give four of the Bachelorette suitors a chance IRL. That's rough.

Andi sat down with E!'s Kristen Dos Santos to have a little chat about Jason Bigg's Bachelorette mean-tweets and it turned into a numbers game. The tweet in question proposed that eight of Andi's suitors were actually gay and that only two of them are capable of simple math. Aside from putting Bigg's latest Twitter controversy to rest, Andi shed some light on how she really feels about this season's guys.

When asked how many of the guys she'd set up with her sister or one of her friends, Andi said she'd recommend 15 out of the 25 potential true loves. That seems like a positive number, right? She at least thinks more than half of these men are good enough for her sister. So, that means one of them has to be good enough for her, right?

Dos Santos followed up that question by asking the Atlanta criminal lawyer which of these guys she'd give her number to if she met them at a bar. And here's where things get troubling — early on in the interview, Andi didn't give ANYTHING away and claimed she was "very happy" with how this season turned out. She didn't gush AT ALL and she giggled a little, but she definitely didn't seem so in love. Either Andi is a really great actress or maybe she's just got nothing to be excited about.

Anyway, the Bachelorette claimed that she'd only give FOUR of the contestants her number if she met them at a bar in real life. (In case you've forgotten, four is the number of hometown dates she gets. Sneaky sneaky.) That's not a promising number at all, though, especially after she gave such a lackluster response to her level of happiness with the outcome of her season.

Does Andi end up alone? It sure as hell seems like it. I'd be sad, after how optimistic she was about finding the love of her life, but at the same time, I'd be happy to see that she didn't compromise her high standards just to give audiences what they want. Keep it real, girl.

Oh, and Andi asserts that none of her suitors are gay.

Images: ABC