Her Selfie Might Freak You Out

We know Miley Cyrus loves selfies. We know Miley Cyrus likes to take selfies during moments that other people would never consider as opportune times for selfies. We also know that Miley Cyrus enjoys pushing our buttons. So is it really surprising that Miley's latest bath time selfie is totally creepy? Like, so creepy, it makes you want to send her a memo that says, "a fun hobby might be knitting. Thoughts?"

In this photo, we've got Miley in her, uh, essence, I suppose you could call it. Tongue out (but of course), eyes rolling into the back of her head to the point where you might start hearing a soundtrack for a horror movie, and her face is covered in whatever beauty product she's lathered all over her face. A mask? Cream? Heavy duty soap? Shaving cream?! White particles of another planet?! Essentially, it's a tad scary, but it's Miley, so we can assume she was just having a fun time in the bath and thought we'd all want to see what her latest bath time regimen was.

So, the Webby Awards may have announced that the selfie is dead, but so long as Miley Cyrus is around, it will definitely continue to live on. Or maybe, since she kind of resembles a ghost here... the selfie really is dead, and this is just further proof of that? Let's not get into American Miley Horror Stories here. It's just another day, another Miley Cyrus Instagram post.

Image: Instagram