A New Character In The Maks & Meryl Story

The continuing story that is Dancing with the Stars' Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis' possible relationship has just taken a dramatic turn. Maks' former fiancée/fellow professional dancer on DWTS, Karina Smirnoff says that Maks and Meryl's chemistry is "great acting." Way to come up in here like this is a soap opera and bring the dramz, Karina! I'm serious, this thing is like a soap opera and Karina is just adding fuel to the fire of hidden passion.

Karina spoke with Us Weekly and explained that Maks and Meryl's palpable connection is like "when you go to the movies and you see a romantic scene that you believe so much that you kind of believe that they could be a couple in real life." This theory is solid. I mean, neither Maks nor Meryl have said that they're actually dating, so this whole thing is pretty much contrived because of their dancing. That, and weird comments from Maks about "big, Russian, mean babies." But it goes against what Maks and Meryl fans want! (It also seems to go against that strange "King Kong type of relationship" explanation from Maks' brother but that was already confusing, so who knows.)

Karina went on to say, "When you're on the dance floor... you want to create that story, you want to create something where people believe that what you demonstrated was real and [Maks and Meryl] were able to do that." But the love, Karina. THE SECRET LOVE!!!!

Someone very close to Meryl shares a similar opinion to Karina. Meryl's long-time ice dancing partner Charlie White said of the not-quite-couple, "You know, Meryl and I got [those rumors] a lot coming out of the Olympics, because what you create artistically is something that people want to believe. To have every reporter ask if they're in a relationship is just a tribute to what they were able to produce on the dance floor."

So there you have it. If you choose to believe Karina and Charlie aka the Haters of Soul Mates, Maks and Meryl were just tricking you with their sultry dance moves. But if anyone is looking to make a telenovella about dancers, you've got your storyline all worked out for you.