'DWTS' Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis Deny Dating Rumors, But We're Still Not Convinced — VIDEO

It might be time to accept that Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis from Dancing with the Stars aren't actually dating. At the very least, things aren't looking good what with Maks' ex-fiancee calling their chemistry "great acting" and Meryl admitting she's too stubborn to accept Maks' proposal. Sure, she was talking about when he proposed to her five seconds after meeting her, but if they aren't at least dating by now then surely we'll have to give up? Well, not so much. On the Wendy Williams Show, Maks and Meryl denied that they were dating, but they way that they did it may have hinted that something is still going on between them.

To be fair, Meryl did state very clearly during the interview that she and Maks aren't dating. That much leaves very little room for argument and she has no real reason to lie about it. It's not as though the world wouldn't throw parades in the street and donate the money to pay for their wedding. Honestly, is there anyone who would disapprove of that hook up? No? I didn't think so.

However, if she and Maks want people to take them seriously when they say that, then they might want to stop dropping so many hints to the contrary. After all, the season of Dancing with the Stars is over. It's not like they have any reason left to be faking their chemistry or any reason to be generating it just by sitting next to each other. There was just no excuse for these little things.

The way he looked at her

The way she looked at him

They did things in unison

They were holding hands

Add all of their body language to the fact that Meryl diverted the actual question of whether or not she and Maks were "having sex, boyfriend and girlfriend, or lovers" by denying that they were doing anything as general as "dating" and I would say that the hope for them as a couple shouldn't be dead just yet. Then again, it's hard to imagine that hope for them as a couple will ever really die.

Even if they just remain good friends, well, at least they'll probably keep giving us a lot of romantic moments to keep our hopes alive. Sweet torture, thy name is Maks and Meryl.

Watch the interview below.

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Image: Wendy Williams Show/Youtube