Meryl Davis Reveals Maksim Chmerkovskiy Isn't Her Boyfriend (Yet!) For 1 Very Specific Reason

Well, it looks like we've got our answer. On Tuesday night's Dancing With The Stars finale, Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy won DWTS Season 18. And, unfortunately, they didn't seal it with a kiss or a diamond or even a declaration that they're dating. I was starting to think that Maks and Meryl might have been trolling us since day one — and fans were starting to get really pissed on Twitter. But there's actually a good reason why they're not together for real yet — Meryl is making Maks work for it.

Following their big, albeit expected win, Meryl told E! the real reason why she and her partner haven't made it official. Or rather, why she and Maks haven't started making big, Russian, ice skating babies yet. The newly crowned DWTS champion explained why she didn't accept Maks' proposal-at-first-sight:

I'm very stubborn.

I mean, who could blame Meryl? Maks' reputation for being a womanizing bad boy did precede him going into Season 18. And even though it's frustrating for all of us to watch — including fellow DWTS competitor Cody Simpson, who also noticed on the couple's chemistry — she's doing the right thing. We've seen their adorable moments and analyzed their chemistry and body language to no end. So when will Maks finally win Meryl over and how can he do it?

Meryl is an Olympic gold medalist and now a DWTS winner and a real life Disney princess — Maks is going to have to do a lot better than this:

Okay, fine. This was pretty great. The ball's in your court, Meryl.

Image: MaksimC/Instagram, mrs-mery-chmerkovskiy/Tumblr