Ellen Page Dreams About Pubic Hair, Justin Bieber, & Ikea, Bless Her Heart — VIDEO

We all have weird dreams. Last night, I dreamt that I was being chased by a bunch of naked male nannies with the kids trailing behind. Ellen Page has weird dreams, too, and she tweets about them on occasion. They've obviously lead to some serious curiosity for Conan O'Brien, as he wanted the X-Men: Days of Future Past star to tell him all about them. And they're pretty interesting, like her dreams about pubic hair and Justin Bieber. You know, the usual.

Page said that her "anxiety dreams tend to always relate to pubic hair..." and she went on to describe that a lot of her dreams feature her looking down and realizing that not only is she exposed, but that her pubic hair is out of control. So out of control, that it makes that American Apparel mannequin look tame. As she puts it:

It might as well be an old man's beard.

Oh man. Like wizard beard pubes? What would Cameron Diaz, Queen of Pubic Hair Opinions, say?

When she's not dreaming about enormous pubes, she's dreaming about fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber. Apparently, she dreams that the two of them are chilling in his childhood home in Canada, and according to Page, this is what happened in a recent Bieber-dream:

His mom came home with takeout from Ikea and we were like, YEAH!

As one does when Ms. Mallette arrives with Swedish meatballs.

Check out the video below. You may feel okay about your dreams when you watch it. I know I already feel better about those mannies. And as always, Page is super charming, hilarious, and candid.

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