Pentatonix "Love Again" Video Is Really Strange, So Just Try to Focus On The Music — VIDEO

Pentatonix fan? Well, then I've got an interesting treat for you. The awesome a cappella group now has a video for their latest original single — that's right, an original, not a cover song. So if you're into their sweet vocal skills, you'd be wise to check out the new Pentatonix video for "Love Again."

If we're talking about the vocals on the song, then needless to say, they're totally impressive. The Pentatonix have such skill when it comes to making their a cappella harmonies sound as though instruments are actually accompanying them; they bring a cappella to a whole new level, leaving college a cappella groups and the rest of us with our jaws hanging.

We've heard their takes on so many songs, including some pretty impressive takes on Beyoncé, but now we get to hear their own music, too, proving just how adept their musicality really is.

But! (Because there is always a "but.") The video is... a little weird, and it's yielding some interesting results (look no further than the YouTube comments). The group's makeup looks like they've been attacked by a hormonal vampire makeup artist. It's kinda creepy, to say the least. But if you don't focus on it... then it doesn't take away from the group's impressive vocal skills.

So check out the video, but try to focus on the music. It's a trite thing to say, but seriously. You should do that. Seriously.

PTXofficial on YouTube