You Can't Even With This Baby Pig

I never thought I'd hear a cuter phrase than "baby goat on wheels." But then I discovered "baby pig on wheels." But then I discovered "baby pig on wheels being fed by a bottle." And then I discovered that I had transformed into a puddle of nothing, having melted from the sheer sight of this adorable, adorable piglet. That's it, guys. I'm done. The Internet has defeated me.

The same thing will definitely happen to you upon watching the video below. Meet Leon Trotsky, named for the man who also inspired Animal Farm's Snowball, who is now living a normal life of a pig with the help of a wheelchair fashioned especially for him. His background is upsetting — he suffered femur and ligament damage after his mother accidentally fell on him shortly after he was born — but after being adopted by animal rescue farm Edgar's Mission in Australia, he brings us an sight that is nothing less than uplifting. Not to mention so gosh darn cute, especially when you consider that Frostie, the aforementioned wheelchair-bound goat, is also a resident of Edgar's Mission. Let me guess — you've already booked your next vacation destination, right?

Who else wants to go to here?

Image: Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary/Vimeo