Anna Wintour Isn't Attending Kim Kardashian's Wedding Because She Has Better Things To Do

General rule of thumb: Putting a couple on the cover of Vogue is not a "yes" to their wedding invitation. But regardless, are you seriously surprised that Anna Wintour is not going to the Kimye wedding? We were already so surprised to see the beacon of all things fashion — the very esteemed Vogue put those two on their cover. Perhaps now Wintour is sticking to her highbrow ground? Either way, Kimye will not have the "honour" of her presence at their nuptials.

But apparently, this has nothing to with her feelings about the famous couple, even if she was not the one who chose to put the two on her magazine. (Still gasping over that one, Internet? Chill out, already).

According to a source that spoke to Page Six :

Anna had a longstanding family commitment this weekend and sadly had to miss the wedding.

You can almost hear the Internet in their rallying collective cry of: "WINTOUR VS. KIMYE! WINTOUR VS. KIMYE!" But c'mon, folks. Wintour probably doesn't hate them. She's a busy lady — one of the most important figures in the fashion world — and you really think she'd stop her entire universe to watch Kim say "I do" to Yeezus? Puh-leez. This is Anna Wintour we're talking about. She's got other things to focus on besides Kimye's nuptials and where the hell it's located (it's Florence, by the way).

You, on the other hand, can attend via Instagram and live vicariously through the wonderful world of the Internet.